Praiano is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, a destination for travelers fascinated since the times of the maritime republics. It is situated close to Amalfi and is famous for its beaches, as well as for the beauty of his village : u na real gem all to be discovered , both via sea , by land .

Discover, i n this short but important guide, the perfect route to follow , with the sights and beaches of Praiano most beautiful to be reached: the ur sailing boats and catamarans on the Amalfi Coast wants to offer a service more complete and exhaustive and , in addition to providing you with the best means and services , it also accompanies you to the best places.

What to see on the mainland

In Praiano, beaches and alleys are all jewels to visit. Let’s start from the village , from which you can then gently slope down towards the sea.

Walking through the village literally takes us back in time. Suffice it to consider that , out of just over 2,000 inhabitants , there are about 20 churches : the best way to visit them is to go from one to the other through the medieval alleys that smell of history and good local food. Do not miss the churches that date back to 1400 AD, all perfectly preserved.

Of particular charm are the steps leading from one level of the hamlet to another. The ancient blends with the modern and, thanks to a municipal redevelopment project, artists and painters embellish the alleys with open-air works of art, many of which represent local beauties.

A final suggestion is that to go to the square Constantinople from which to enjoy the magnificent sea view .

Where to dive and what the beaches of Praiano reach

First of all, it should be noted that the beaches in Praiano retain the charm of the village, almost as if they were one. In reality , it would be more correct to speak of the beach in the singular, because its features seem almost to unite in a single suggestive territory and, in effect , the locals usually refer to the beach, to mean that the place with its sea form a unicum.

The great peculiarity of the coast is the exposure : the sand is kissed by the sun all day , from the ‘ dawn to dusk .

On board your own boat you can easily reach every beach and natural beauty that Praiano offers. A dip is a must to:

  • Gavitella : the most famous beach and with the most suggestive view, as it offers a glimpse up to Positano and Capri . Precisely this is the stretch where the sun never sets , and d is the custom here to wait for the sunset to live a unique experience
  • Marina di Praia : particularly suggestive, this beach is set between the cliffs and is dominated by a Saracen tower
  • Fiordo di Furore : with the catamaran it is possible to start from the Marina di Praia to go as far as here, a place to admire a natural fjord of incredible beauty, and then continue towards the open and uncontaminated sea

The surroundings to go to

Being in the heart of the Amalfi coast, after having dedicated the right time to Praiano, it will be possible to head towards the many beauties that this coast has to offer.

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