Formica Island and Maraone Island are two islands that belong to the Egadi archipelago, in Sicily. These are two destinations that you cannot miss when you decide to rely on a perfect sailboat rental to navigate the crystalline waters of the Sicilian coasts.

Each of these two islands has particular characteristics that make them unique such as, for example, the pristine character of the rock of Maraone and the structures present on Formica island. Their distinctive elements and characters blend perfectly with the entire surrounding environment and make them undisputed destinations to admire during a holiday on a sailing boat in the Egadi islands. Below, we will show you all the details and curiosities of these splendid and small islands and if you would like more information on what to see in this fantastic archipelago, in the article “Tour of the Egadi islands” you will find the most salient destinations.

Sailboat in the waters of the Egadi : what to admire in the Formic island


The drawing-room of Formica is located between the island of Levanzo and Trapani coast.

One of the peculiarities of this territory is that it is a private property, belonging to a therapeutic community, founded by Father Eligio, for drug addicts. From an administrative point of view, the islet of Formica belongs to the municipality of Favignana.

To make the island of Formica the destination of your trip is:

  • the presence of an old trap formerly owned by the Florio family
  • a fortification with a tower where it was a lighthouse built
  • the presence of a mill

During the crossing of the clear Mediterranean Sea on a sailing boat, you will also be able to observe the presence of a church and a small museum which houses several amphorae and a boat , used in the past for the slaughter.

On the island there is a small port suitable for small boats : it is bathed by a stretch of sea belonging to zone B of the Egadi Islands Marine Nature Reserve.

What to admire on the island of Maraone

The rock of Maraone is located 600 meters west of the island of Formica and has an extension of 600×80 meters with a narrow and long shape.

This uninhabited island belongs to zone C (partial reserve) of the protected marine area of ​​the Egadi.

Here navigation and free anchoring is allowed but outside the depths of environmental interest.

The following are also allowed :

  • the guided underwater tours
  • The fishing (not trawl course)
  • the diving

These are just some of the many activities that you can do in this place. Thanks to the many, varied and fun activities to be carried out and the incredible natural spectacle it offers, it is a truly unmissable destination on your sailing trip.


Sailboat trip to the two Egadi islands

To conclude your trip to these two islets of the Egadi islands, navigation is mandatory in the stretch that bathes these two islands. Here, thanks to the crystal clear sea, you can admire various remains dating back to the Punic War when, around 241 BC. a naval battle was fought between the Carthaginians and the Romans.

Therefore, all that remains is to entrust yourself to an expert and qualified sailboat rental in the Egadi Islands such as Spartivento Charter and set off to discover all the wonders that these places have to offer.