Cilento is an area in the province of Salerno, rich and famous for its priceless natural beauty. Here, far from the cold modern urbanization, it is possible to experience a dream vacation full of relaxation and fun.

Planning a catamaran vacation, selecting the perfect vessel in one of the largest and most experienced catamaran charters in the Cilento Coast, will allow you to fully experience all the wonders these places have to offer. In particular, we will focus on what to see in Castellabate and what to admire in its surroundings on board a catamaran.

Castellabate in the Cilento

Castellabate in Cilento certainly represents one of the most interesting areas in this area and, therefore, most sought-after destination.

Always a blue flag and immersed in the national park of Cilento “Vallo di Diano and Alburni,” Castellabate is included in the marine protected area of Santa Maria di Castellabate and is rich in animal and plant species, history and culture.

What to see in and around Castellabate

The beauty of this area leaves no doubt: it must all be visited.

Once reached by sea, one cannot overlook Santa Maria di Castellabate, the most important and charming hamlet of this municipality that is divided between mountains and sea.

From there, it is possible to climb the mountain to reach the San Costabile lookout, the castle and the village where many scenes of the film Welcome to the South were filmed.

Alternatively, from Santa Maria di Castellabate it is possible to continue to Punta Licosa beach, a protected marine area that is still very wild.

Arriving at Punta Licosa by boat is very impressive: the splendid colors of bays and inlets create a unique, distinctive and unforgettable landscape.

What to do in Castellabate

If you do not know what to do in Castellabate, know that you will be spoiled for choice.

Dividing between sea and mountains, in fact, this place will please just about everyone:

  • hiking enthusiasts
  • lovers of the sea and the sun

You can stroll through the narrow streets of the village and then stop to eat one of the delicacies of this area such as, for example, buffalo mozzarella, or, the white artichoke of Paestum, and taste one of the local DOC wines such as, Cilento rosso or Cilento bianco.

In the afternoon, you can reach the beach of Marina Piccola or the beach of Punta Licosa not far away, where you can rest and enjoy the sun and crystal clear sea.

Events that will come back to enliven the township

The municipality also organizes numerous events throughout the year:

  • the Palio della Stuzza (August)
  • the Leucosia Prize (September)
  • Christmas in the Borgo

Take a look at the calendar before you leave, you can head right around these festivals that, with positive predictions, will come back next year to revive and rekindle the nightlife and fun that Covid 19 unfortunately took away.

In this regard, let us recall how catamaran rental is the ideal solution to experience safe vacations, away from the virus and the worries it still raises.

Punta Licosa

Punta Licosa is a hamlet of Castellabate: with only 72 inhabitants, it deserves a separate mention.


It stretches along the coast from which it is possible to see the island of Licosa: a semi-submerged islet that can only be reached by sea.

It is also possible to reach Punta Licosa by walking a path of a few kilometers, starting from San Marco di Castellabate. However, arriving in this hamlet of Castellabate by boat, admiring the colors of its coves, is definitely a more beautiful and unforgettable experience.