Have you decided to rely on a catamaran charter for your upcoming summer vacation? Thanks to Spartivento Charter, you can plan a unique and engaging trip among beautiful beaches and unexplored places. There are many destinations to choose from, but, one area you certainly cannot overlook for this coming summer is Northern Sardinia: a place full of life and beauty, with crystal clear waters and unique sand. You will be able to moor in breathtaking places characterized by unspoiled nature and experience unique emotions in small and quaint towns.

Rely on our perfect catamaran rental in Sardinia: below, we will show you some of the milestones you need to reach.

Emerald Coast

As a first stop aboard one’s catamaran, one cannot miss the Emerald Coast. Here, among the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia is the famous area called “little P evero” and “big Pevero“: this area is surrounded by wild and unspoiled nature that offers beautiful hikes in which to explore the local flora.

Magdalena Archipelago

Staying in the north of Sardinia by catamaran, one can continue with the tour of the most beautiful beaches and localities, mooring at the port of Cannigione, precisely at the Fiori pier.

Getting off one’s boat and visiting the wonderful and quaint village of Cannigione and then arriving at the Maddalena archipelago, a true paradise on earth, is a must.

Coticcio Cove

Seven miles from the Maddalena archipelago, one cannot miss Coticcio cove, characterized on the eastern side by beautiful pink-colored rocks.

Further offshore one can visit islets called the Sperduti di Caprera, located just off the island of Caprera.

St. Mary’s Island

As we continue sailing on this wonderful journey north of Sardinia by catamaran, a stop at the island of Santa Maria is a must.

Dropping anchor off the shore, one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia, the peaceful beach called Rosa di Budelli, can be seen from afar. Here, a prohibition prevents one from stopping on the sand, and one will have to limit oneself to taking a leisurely swim in the beautiful crystal clear waters.

Castelsardo and Isola Rossa

Passing Costa Paradiso and Portobello, after a few miles, you arrive at Isola Rossa, a place where you can take a restorative swim and take a break from your trip to northern Sardinia.

After some rest, you can continue the tour by sailing past beautiful beaches and, after 10 miles, you can moor in Castelsardo. Here, you can refuel and visit the charming medieval village, among the most popular in northern Sardinia.

How to end one’s tour in Sardinia: last stop in Stintino

North Sardinia by catamaran is an unforgettable experience especially if you can very easily stop at the most beautiful and characteristic places.

Stintino is the last stop we suggest on this incredible journey: a place located 22 miles from the Gulf of Asinara.

A little further on, you can drop anchor in the bay of La Pelosa, famous for its beautiful white sand, and dive into crystal-clear waters for a nice swim, snorkel, or, engage in real, exciting diving.