If you have never visited the islands north of Sardinia, you have probably never even been to the island of Spargi: a slice of paradise made of a clear and crystalline sea, coasts designed by the mistral and a wild and harsh nature.

Impeccable catamaran and sailboat rental you can head to these unspoiled places and discover all the wonders that the island of Spargi and its surroundings have to offer.

In the following article, therefore, we will show you what to see in Spargi and where to direct your boat.

The beauty of the island of Spargi

Today, this pretty island is part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

The island, unfortunately, cannot be built on and all the structures present can only be reached by sea: a characteristic of many islands in the north of Sardinia.

Nevertheless, they are always so many tourists every year come to visit this beautiful island, made of natural wonders and romantic beaches.


What to see and do on the Island of Spargi

There are many things to see and do in Spargi and they are mainly activities related to the luxuriant nature that distinguishes it.

Taking pleasant boat trips to Spargi you can go to:

  • Cala Granara, located south of the island
  • Cala Corsara
  • Cala della Strega

From Cala della Strega it will be possible to admire rocks shaped by the mistral, characterized by peculiar shapes, such as the profile of a witch.

Sailing along the island of Spargi on a catamaran, you can admire the rich seabed, a real peculiarity of this area.

Cala Canniccio is located east of the island. What makes this beach characteristic is definitely the reddish sand with a red grain, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub, and the marine shades that invite you to discover the seabed.

Boat excursions in Spargi: other particular beaches to reach


Continuing the navigation towards the east, you will be able to visit particular beaches such as Cala Soraya, with its fine sand, transparent waters and the shape of a boomerang.

In Cala Conneri you will find a beach protected by pink rocks rich in rosemary and juniper, which spread their scent everywhere in the air. Also not to be missed is Cala Piscioli and Cala Serraina.

An exciting journey to discover hidden places.

Taking a catamaran tour of the island of Spargi, it is also possible to admire the testimonies of the Second World War such as, for example, the Zanotto Fort.

You will come across shipwrecks and various artifacts and, if you are a scuba or snorkel lover, a dive will allow you to discover many hidden surprises.

Among them, there is also the skeleton of a Roman cargo ship, found by a diver in 1939: it dates back to the 2nd century BC. and it is visible in the Corsara dry, at a depth of 18 meters.

This wreck is 35 meters long and its cargo is now housed inside the Naval Archaeological Museum, on the Island of La Maddalena.

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