The most beautiful and unforgettable way to visit a place like Camerota is certainly that of a boat and sailing excursion. It is only through a vehicle like this, in fact, that you can enter otherwise unattainable places such as, for example, the Grotta degli Innamorati, or the Grotta di Pozzallo and practice unique and exciting dives. Marina di Camerota is in fact a very popular destination for lovers and enthusiasts of diving and snorkeling, and also for all those who wish to experience the sea in the round by letting themselves be carried away by its waves.

Therefore, if you have not yet had the opportunity to admire Cilento, its coasts and the beaches of Marina di Camerota up close, relying on Spartivento Charter, you can benefit from a perfect sailing boat rental.

With a sailboat rental on the Cilento coast it is in fact possible to experience all the charm of the place up close: aboard comfortable and safe boats, you will be transported into a unique experience, impossible to forget and, in the following article, you can discover the best places to surf.


Nature and beaches in Marina di Camerota

On board your sailing boat you will witness landscapes capable of literally leaving you breathless and, by accessing the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, you can immerse yourself in a lush and wild nature, and stop on silvery sands and those of the famous beach Marina di Camerota. Here nature is almost intact and some views will allow you to witness postcard views.

On the coast that extends around Marina di Camerota you can reach the most characteristic coves, bays and caves of the place and dive into the blue and crystalline waters.

Some of the most popular beaches are: Calanca, an ideal beach for families with children due to its shallow water; Lentiscelle characteristic for the small pebbles that cover it; Marina delle Barche, located near the historic center, with fine white sand.

The sea of Marina di Camerota: where to dive and snorkeling

Navigating on these waters it is possible to see several cracks and inlets carved into the rock: a stop in these places will allow you to make splendid dives.


Visiting the Baia degli Infreschi will allow you to admire beautiful colors and swim in pristine waters, but also the protected marine area of the Costa degli Infreschi and Masseta hides unique treasures such as Cala Bianca.

This last cove is decidedly small in size, however, it is counted among the most beautiful beaches of Camerota: the whiteness of its sand, the untouched nature and the splendor of the sea make it a dream oasis, coveted by both sailors and hikers.

Practicing snorkeling in the many and various caves present will allow you to admire unique colors and sceneries and experience exciting underwater adventures.

A journey between history and culture

Marina di Camerota also offers real shows on the mainland: walking through the streets of this town will allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of its history and architecture.

Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Nicola, San Daniele profeta, the chapel of San Gennaro and that of the Carmine are some of the ancient churches and palaces present.

In the streets of the center, moreover, it is necessary to stop and taste the local gastronomy and observe the terracotta processing of the many craftsmen present.

Sailing between the beaches of Marina di Camerota

Thanks to the rental of a sailboat, from Marina di Camerota it is therefore possible to embark on an exciting adventure, ranging between different itineraries.

When you find yourself in the midst of such unique places and immerse yourself in such clear and crystalline waters, you will realize live a dream you will never forget.