The Gulf of Policastro is located on the border between Basilicata and Campania and also includes a part of Calabri a. This cove therefore bathes 3 regions and therefore offers a large number of natural beauties .

If, for the next holiday you decided to entrust to a catamaran charter in the Cilento Coast, the Gulf is certainly one of your tapp and imperdibil i : v isit the Gulf of Policastro in catamaran is, in fact , the perfect solution to discover far and wide all the most beautiful places it bathes such as, for example, the famous beach of Cala Bianca ..

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Why experience the Gulf of Policastro on a catamaran

Admiring the magnificence of the Policastro Gulf is a unique experience because it offers the possibility of having a general overview of the cities of :

  • Salerno
  • Potenza
  • Cosenza

From the crystalline sea ​​it will be possible to admire various beauties that include beaches , mountains, natural paradises and places of considerable historical-archaeological importance.

Gulf of Policastro boat: what are the most beautiful places


To fully experience the Policastro Gulf, one can depart by boat from Marina di Camerota, delving as far as Sapri. Along the way, you can admire numerous villages and take pleasant excursions on the mainland.

The gulf offers the chance to visit the village of the same name, a hamlet of Santa Marina, and experience its ancient history: an oasis protected by river valleys and unique landscapes surrounded by pure greenery.

At the center of the Gulf of Policastro , reality and myth meet in the city of Sapri, the beating heart of this area of ​​Cilento.

A tour full of places to discover

The beauties of this gulf certainly do not end here !

On board your catamaran it is indeed possible to head towards Acquafredda , where the Serra del Tuonois
located . P roseguendo then to the south can be reached in Maratea , another name that resonates in the hearts of those who love the sea and the boat trips.

Once you reach Cersuta , near Maratea , the Gulf of Policastro will appear in all its splendor . Q ui , in fact, you can :

  • admire a group of houses overlooking the sea
  • breathe an authentic air of freedom between clear waters
  • contemplating rocks resembling true and own sculptures created by the wind
  • experience Nature as the only and true protagonist of this enchanting place

The beach of Cersuta is in turn divided into small magical coasts:

  • Renicedda
  • Rena d’a Carruba
  • Rena d’u Nastru

Villammare is the right mix of archaeology, sea, fun places and nightlife. The beaches here have soft sand and stretch for miles of coastline-the view from the boat is breathtaking. For foodies, a stop is mandatory to savor the truly delicious local products.


Our journey ends in Calabria, between Praia a Mare and Scalea , renowned and very popular beaches in the summer. Once at the beach of ‘ Arcomagno , the tour in this beautiful bay , you may be deemed complete and d exhaustive .