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Sardinia and Corsica

One of the most beautiful and popular destinations in all of Italy

Amazing coves, turquoise waters, dream beaches and more

Enjoy a mix of Italian and French culture by coming all the way to Corsica

Two absolute gems of the Mediterranean, Sardinia and Corsica are a true paradise on earth for a sailing vacation among crystal clear waters, fabulous beaches and fascinating coastal towns.

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Our local expert
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Antonio, Sardinia Base Manager

Sardinia and Corsica are a paradise for sailing and nature lovers. Crystal clear waters, delightful landings, unforgettable sunsets, breathtaking views. Departing from our base in Olbia, you can reach the most enchanting beaches of the La Maddalena Archipelago and the beautiful town of Bonifacio, famous for its white cliffs overlooking the sea.

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Our base for Sardinia and Corsica

Marina di Olbia
via Piovene, 8, 07026 - Olbia
The sailboats and catamarans in the area.

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