The summer season recalls the desire for the sea and with it the desire for adventure. For those who choose the fantastic Sardinia as a destination for their holidays, excursions to the Maddalena archipelago cannot be missed: by renting a sailboat you can experience a perfect holiday and treat yourself to a dream day in the adventurous and fascinating Maddalena!

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We are experts and leaders in the sector and boast a large and varied fleet: from us you can rent the perfect boat for your next vacation at sea. And if your destination is the northern part of Sardinia, you cannot miss a fantastic excursion in the Maddalena archipelago: below, we will explain why.

Magdalene means:

  • sailing in the enchanted waters of the north of Sardinia
  • dive into an exotic blue
  • discover the vast marine flora and fauna
  • explore hidden coves
  • enjoy a breathtaking view

Furthermore, La Maddalena contains ancient memories of different cultures and the romanticism of the economic boom years where beautiful life and serenity have sculpted the coasts.


You can head to Cala Santa Maria, to the Natural Pools, or to Cala Corsara and experience exciting underwater adventures in Cala Coticcio, Cala Portese and the Spiaggia del Relitto.

Boat trips to La Maddalena: everything you need to know

An excursion to La Maddalena lasts about 8 hours: starting in the morning, from one of the ports overlooking the archipelago, you can spend a perfect day full of adventure, discovery and fun. sailing for your holidays in Sardinia, you can organize and customize your tour as you wish, dedicating even more days to exploring the Maddalena archipelago.

This is an experience that is perfectly suited to the whole family, but also to groups of friends, more or less numerous according to the size of the boat you decide to rent.The ideal period in which to sail the seas of Sardinia and experience this exciting excursion to the Maddalena, invests more the summer months: organize your trip in a period that goes from May until October.

The Skipper’s experience

For those who want to fully enjoy the wonders of Sardinia, experiencing a holiday of relaxation and fun, they can always rely on the experience of a skipper capable of guiding the boat in the most evocative and beautiful places that the Sardinian sea has to offer.

By entrusting the navigation to the skipper you will have nothing onerous to think about and you can completely relax for the duration of your holiday! You can experience a splendid excursion to La Maddalena, treat yourself to a sunbath, or snorkel or scuba dive and explore the rich seabed, guided to the discovery of an enchanted island which, although belonging to the larger island, has a profoundly different personality.

Full freedom in every moment of the holiday

‍ By renting a sailboat, you can experience a dream vacation, deciding in complete freedom how, where and how much time to dedicate to the Maddalena archipelago.

Living these places is in fact a postcard to know and repeat because each trip is different from the previous one and is capable of giving truly unique emotions.