If you are looking for a unique experience of its kind ready to enrich you, to show you fantastic places and to put you and your travel companions in full and total connection with the sea and nature, then sailing holidays in Corsica I am the one for you.

Trust the best sailboat rental in Italy: Spartivento Charter is a leader in this sector thanks to the experience gained over time, the undisputed professionalism of the entire team that operates within the company and the extreme quality of the services offered. In our fleet of sailboats you can easily find the perfect boat for your holidays so as to embark on a unique and exciting journey in the wonders that Corsica offers.

A suitcase of emotions for everyone

Discovering Corsica on a sailing boat is an experience that truly gives everyone a suitcase of pleasant sensations.

An intimate and welcoming environment where, from the first day, you will feel completely immersed in everything that surrounds you.

You will be able to experience unique amazement and emotions and you will do it in full and total safety, away from the pandemic that still afflicts our beautiful country.

Sailing holidays in Corsica: full connection with nature

Have you ever felt the sea breeze on your face in the early morning? Did you know that an aperitif, if enjoyed in the open sea, perhaps with the sun setting in front of your eyes, has a different flavor?

On board a sailboat, every simple gesture acquires magic and gives you a completely unique experience that will enrich you and make you dream. Moreover, this type of holiday is ideal for those who want to forget the stress, the usual everyday routines and the thousands of electronic devices we tinker with every minute.

Here the most authentic connection will be that with nature.


The wind, the sun, the sea and the empathy that will be created on board will be all you will need and feel, throughout the holiday period.

Corsica on a sailing boat: an archipelago of sensations

Sailing on a sailboat, you can touch different places with a unique and unforgettable charm. The most beautiful itineraries of Corsica usually see as destinations:

  1. Capraia
  2. Macinaggio
  3. Centuri
  4. Saint Florent
  5. Barcaggio (Capo Corso)

Dream places, each with its own particularity and its own story to tell, discovered from a privileged perspective, that is, that of the sea. Are you ready to go and discover all the beauties of Corsica by boat?

Choose the best way to visit Corsica: rent a sailboat

Thanks to the rental of a sailboat, you can turn your holiday into a truly unforgettable experience.

On a cruise, to relax just a few centimeters from the sea, without forgetting the possibility of tasting typical dishes, always with the blue of the sea in the background.

With your holiday companions emotions that you will always remember.

What are you waiting for to sail with us?