A 7-day itinerary to discover the wonders of the Amalfi Coast aboard your sailboat

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is an open-air spectacle with its cliff-side hotels, sumptuous villas, and beaches set among the rocks. Its unique conformation, combined with its coastline and islands of inestimable architectural and artistic value, make it an area of great natural and cultural beauty that is unparalleled in the world. In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, rise a myriad of breathtaking sights. The enchanting Amalfi, Italy’s oldest maritime republic, will captivate you with its beauty and charm. Capri will amaze you with its unique natural and architectural wonders. Ischia is an ideal destination to regenerate in contact with nature. Procida, elected Italian Capital of Culture 2022, will captivate you with its brightly colored and varied architectural structure. Sorrento will captivate you with its charming old town and ancient craft tradition, while Positano will enrapture you with its magnificent glimpse of history and beauty nestled by the sea. The Amalfi Coast is a land of wonders waiting to be discovered!

Map 7-day sailing itinerary for the Amalfi Coast with Spartivento Charter

Day 1: Amalfi

It starts from the base of Marina d’Arechi in beautiful Salerno, the perfect city to open its doors to the Coast. As soon as you set sail, you set course for Amalfi, where you will moor in the small port located in the center of the town. You will begin your discovery of the Amalfi Coast right in the midst of the colorful alleys of Amalfi: you will be breathless at the sight of its majestic cathedral.

Amalfi is the largest town center on the Amalfi Coast along with Positano, the destination that attracts the most tourists. The special and unique architecture of the white houses, the mild climate most of the year and the characteristic craft stores make it a perfect tourist destination, chosen by thousands of both Italian and foreign patrons every year.

Panoramic view of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast

Day 2: Capri

We set sail for Capri with its Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni rocks. After a tour of the island, you can moor in Marina Grande by booking online, or moor at anchor in Marina Piccola (near the Faraglioni) or at the bottom, where you will find buoys for a fee that include the landing point in Marina Piccola. To reach the center, you will only need to take a city bus.

Don’t forget to also pass through Anacapri, which you can reach by direct bus or cab to above Monte Solaro by chairlift, where you can admire the island’s most beautiful panorama.

Panoramic view of the coast and the Faraglioni of Capri on the Amalfi Coast, with boats anchored in the roadstead
The Faraglioni of Capri

Day 3: Ischia

We set off for Ischia: Docking at the port of the small village of Sant’Angelo, the landscape is that of a classic Mediterranean seaside town, with colorful houses, narrow alleys, souvenir stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars with outdoor tables.

The island has several ports, depending on what you want to do and visit, you choose the most convenient. The Port of Ischia is the largest and busiest, where there are ferry connections to the other islands and to the mainland.

Port of Ischia

Day 4: Procida

Start your day with a dip in Sorgeto Bay-a true outdoor thermal park. Boiling and mineral pools, sauna and therapeutic steam. Then, route to nearby Procida, the renowned island of Massimo Troisi’s film “Il Postino.” You cannot fail to spend your evening at Corricella, a typical postcard of the island: small, colorful houses, small restaurants and fishermen spinning the meshes of their nets.

The colorful island of Procida is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples, but it remains undiscovered. Most tourists choose Capri or Ischia for their vacations, making Procida a hidden gem that will make you fall in love instantly. Despite Procida’s small size (about 4 square kilometers), this volcanic island is densely populated-even by countless beautiful cats.

Panoramic view from above the colorful little houses of Procida on the Amalfi Coast

Day 5: Sorrento

We sail to Sorrento, which will captivate you with its many attractions and breathtaking views. Sorrento is renowned as the city of lemons, and its tourism has a long history.

It was an obligatory stop on the 19th-century “Grand Tour,” and interest in the town was first aroused by the poet Byron, who inspired a long line of vacationing literary geniuses-including Dickens, Goethe and Tolstoy-curious to taste the Sorrento air. The romance still persists today, and you can see it on a Sunday stroll through Piazza Tasso mingling with locals, passing lavish hotel palaces, magnificent marquetry stores and traditional Campanian trattorias.

Panoramic view of the coast of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples
Sorrento and the Bay of Naples

Day 6: Positano

Circumnavigating Porta Campanella, you will make your way to Positano, one of the most celebrated destinations on the Amalfi Coast. Along the way, you will pass by the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, the Bay of Ieranto – a marine protected area – and Nerano: you could stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants on the beach!

Having crossed the small Li Galli archipelago, here comes the unparalleled view of Positano, with its endless flights of steps and alleys perpendicular to the sea. Breathtaking, luxurious and glamorous, Positano is the true cover image of the Amalfi Coast, with its houses falling dizzyingly over the sea in a cascade of shades of peach, pink and terracotta. Lose yourself in its colorful and lively streets: you can dine in an exclusive restaurant with a view, or by starlight on your boat.

Panoramic sunset view of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, with boats anchored in the roadstead

Day 7: Return to base

The sail back to the port of Marina D’Arechi will give you magnificent views and unforgettable shots. Stop at the Fjord of Furore for a dip in the sapphire-blue water; for lunch, you can stop at Conca De Marini, a pretty fishing village along the coast, and then enjoy along the way the icy waters of the Marmorata Waterfall opposite Ravello.

You will return to base by 5:00 p.m. to do all check-out paperwork. You will be left with one last relaxing evening to spend in Salerno, easily reached by cab.

You can then spend the night aboard your boat before disembarking the following day.

View from the other side of the inlet of Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast
Conca dei Marini