A 7-day itinerary to discover the wonders of the Pontine Islands aboard your sailboat

Spartivento Charter takes you on a discovery of the Pontine Islands, a destination coveted by tourists for their beauty, excellent connections, marinas and unparalleled hospitality. The main island is Ponza, with its eight square kilometers of rocky and sandy beaches, natural arches, stacks, pristine sea, romantic coves, and a magnificent rocky and hilly landscape. Ventotene, a small gem of the archipelago, is a beautiful nature reserve and a Natural Marine Protected Area, with a few houses gathered around the harbor and an ancient history. Palmarola is considered among the most beautiful islands in the world, thanks to the spectacular nature of its coastline and nature, characterized by houses carved into the rock. The itinerary continues among the wonders of the Amalfi Coast-declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site-in Positano, Ischia and Capri. Positano, a vacation spot since Roman times, is a magnificent glimpse lying by the sea of history and beauty. Ischia is perfect for nature lovers and allows them to try their hand at various activities, such as trekking, biking and thermal baths. Capri, on the other hand, offers a variety of wonders, from architectural styles ranging from Neoclassicism to Art Nouveau, to its natural beauty such as the famous Faraglioni rocks. Embark on a relaxing trip surrounded by the spectacular nature and active island life that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Map 7-day sailing itinerary for the Pontine Islands with Spartivento Charter

Day 1: Positano

On the first day you will set sail from Marina d’Arechi in the direction of Positano, one of the most famous destinations on the Amalfi Coast. As you sail along the treasures of this unique stretch of coastline, you can stop for lunch at one of the many beachfront restaurants between Maiori and Praiano. Past the picturesque Praiano, with its iconic Church of San Gennaro whose majolica tiles of the dome and bell tower spire are clearly visible from the sea, the marvelous view of Positano will stand out before you. Breathtaking, luxurious and glamorous, Positano is the true cover image of the Amalfi Coast, with its colorful houses cascading dizzily down to the sea in a cascade of shades of peach, pink and terracotta. Lose yourself in its colorful and lively streets: you can dine in an exclusive restaurant with a view, or by starlight on your boat. Positano does not have a port, but you can dock at the buoys by taking advantage of the 24-hour cab boat service to reach the mainland.

View of the perched houses of Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Day 2: Ischia

We set off for Ischia, a beautiful Mediterranean island that welcomes visitors with the typical seaside village landscape characterized by colorful houses, narrow alleys and souvenir stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars with outdoor tables. The island has several ports, you can choose the most convenient one based on what you would like to do and visit. The port of Ischia is the largest and busiest, but if you are looking for a more atmospheric experience, we recommend booking a berth in Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno or Forio Porto. The port of Sant’Angelo, on the other hand, offers a unique view.

Photo taken from the ground overlooking the harbor and beach of the village of Sant'Angelo, Ischia Island
Sant’Angelo, Ischia

Day 3: Ventotene

Set sail from Ischia you will set course for Ventotene, the southernmost of the Pontine Islands with its wild and unspoiled beauty, characterized by dark sea beds due to the island’s tuffaceous and basaltic rocks that tint the water an intense shade of blue. Upon arriving in Ventotene, we recommend that you include in your itinerary a visit to the Santo Stefano Prison, an imposing horseshoe-shaped structure built by the Bourbons in 1795 and remaining in operation until 1965. The prison is located less than a nautical mile from the island and offers breathtaking views of the sea. For history buffs, you can’t miss the Roman cisterns of Ventotene, a perfectly preserved aqueduct system that carried water from the Imperial Palace of Emperor Augustus to the harbor, taking advantage of the natural slope of the island. During your visit, be sure to try Ventotene’s sea gnocchi, one of the island’s culinary specialties with a unique flavor.

Panoramic view of the crystal clear waters of Cala Nave beach in Ventotene, Pontine Islands
Nave Cove

Day 4: Palmarola

The itinerary continues to Palmarola, the westernmost and wildest of the Pontine islands. Volcanic in origin, Palmarola is a true paradise for nature lovers, with its unspoiled bays and beaches and a spectacle of intoxicating colors and scents. The only walkable paths run through lush nature surrounded by the calm, emerald-green waters of the sea. Among the island’s natural wonders, don’t miss the sinuously shaped basalt caves called “The Cathedrals,” which seem to be carved like a real Gothic cathedral. While sailing to Palmarola, you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the roadstead and discover the island’s most fascinating spots such as the Faraglioni di Mezzogiorno, Punta delle Grottelle , and Cala del Porto. Not far from the cove, you will be able to find the only buildings on the island: ancient caves, two small restaurants and the villa of the Fendi sisters.

View of the beautiful turquoise waters of Palmarola in the Pontine Islands

Day 5: Ponza & Ventotene

The fifth day of your sailing vacation with Spartivento Charter will take you to discover the wonderful island of Ponza. With its breathtaking beaches, unique landscapes and nightlife entertainment, Ponza is a true jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the landing, the village offers a unique visual spectacle: a tangle of houses, with flat pastel-colored roofs, perched above a quay across the harbor. The island, settled by the Greeks and Romans, preserves important archaeological legacies such as the port and imperial villas, pools and fishponds, and cisterns scattered everywhere-Roman Cistern is among the most interesting to visit. Ponza’s coasts are home to incredible beauty; from the Scoglio della Tartaruga you can reach three natural pools, which are absolutely not to be missed. Chiaia di Luna, reachable only by sea, is the most famous beach, along with the lively Frontone Beach and Bagno Vecchio. After discovering all the wonders of Ponza, you will return to Ventotene to relax on its beautiful beaches. Local restaurants offer unique dishes through the fusion of produce from the land with the catch of the day-prepare to enjoy a memorable dinner!


Day 6: Capri

On your penultimate day on board you will set sail to discover Capri, with its famous Blue Grotto and the famous Faraglioni rocks. After an exciting tour of the island, you can choose to moor at Marina Grande by booking online, or opt for Marina Piccola near the Faraglioni, where you will also find paid buoys that include the landing point at Marina Piccola. To reach the center of Capri, you can take a convenient city bus. Don’t miss the opportunity to also visit Anacapri, which can be reached by direct bus or cab to the top of Monte Solaro by chairlift to admire a spectacular panorama. Take the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif in Capri’s Piazzetta and spend the evening among the area’s most exclusive restaurants, accompanied by live music until late at night.

The Faraglioni of Capri

Day 7: Capri & Return to Base

Enjoy a spectacular awakening in Capri with a delicious breakfast boat and a long swim in front of the iconic Faraglioni rocks. For lunch you can choose to relax on board or enjoy local specialties at one of the local restaurants. Return to Marina D’Arechi by 5 p.m. to complete check-out procedures. For your last night of vacation, Salerno is a perfect choice and easily accessible by cab. Spend the evening on a boat and enjoy the view of the illuminated coastline. Disembarkation is scheduled for Saturday morning by 8:00 a.m.

Photos of the Port of Salerno
Port of Salerno