A 7-day itinerary to discover the wonders of the Tuscan Archipelago aboard your sailboat

Welcome to theTuscan Archipelago, a wonderful destination for lovers of nature, maritime culture and relaxing vacations. Here you will find charming villages, seaside towns, cultural itineraries related to the sea and the hinterland, and memorable views interspersed with sandy beaches, Mediterranean scrubland, and majestic wind-wrought cliffs. To fully enjoy the Tuscan experience, chartering a sailboat is ideal. You don’t have to be an experienced sailor to enjoy this experience: with only a few miles of sailing, you can circumnavigate theElba Island in a week and discover all the wonders it has to offer; or you can choose to sail among the various islands of the Tuscan archipelago, such as Giglio, Capraia and Giannutri, to fully immerse yourself in unspoiled nature. Choose the Tuscan Archipelago for your next sailing adventure and be captivated by the beauty and tranquility of this enchanting corner of the sea.

Map 7-day sailing itinerary for the Tuscan Archipelago with Spartivento Charter

Day 1: Cala de’ Medici

You will spend the first day of your vacation at Marina Cala de’ Medici, one of the region’s most advanced marinas. Here you can participate in a wide selection of events ranging from food and wine to culture and art. From Marina Cala de’ Medici, you can reach Castiglioncello in about twenty minutes on foot, along a level path that runs along the beaches. This coastal town will captivate you with its sheer cliffs, sheltered coves and bays, and striking pine forest that has inspired many artists over the years.

In Tuscany, famous for its food and wine culture, you will have a wide choice of restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes and fine wines. Many local businesses organize winery tours and tastings of cured meats, cheeses, honey and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the tastes and smells of this magnificent region.

View of Castiglioncello at sunset, Tuscan Archipelago

Day 2: Island of Capraia

Early in the morning, we set sail from Marina Cala de’ Medici toCapraia Island, one of Italy’s most beautiful marine protected areas. Capraia, the archipelago’s only island of volcanic origin, is distinguished by its mountainous landscape and its pristine botanical heritage, which includes some of the most luxuriant species of Mediterranean scrub.

Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts will find Capraia’s seabed a unique experience. For those who prefer shopping and nightlife, the harbor area offers a wide selection of stores, clubs, and souvenir stores.

View of the Port of Capraia, Tuscan Archipelago
Port of Capraia

Day 3: Elba Island (Marciana Marina)

We set off for the most picturesque resort on Elba Island, Marciana Marina, which captivates hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with its pastel-colored cottages overlooking the sea. The old fishing village, with its slow pace, retains much of the charm of antiquity.

Borgo al Cotone, a large granite cliff and a maze of narrow streets, stairs and old houses, represents the most striking and characteristic spot in Marciana Marina. This village not only loses its charm during the summer, but also in winter, when Christmas lights adorn it, creating the atmosphere of a picturesque nativity scene.

The most famous beach in Marciana Marina is undoubtedly Bagno, which has the structure of the tuna fishery behind it, the only one on Elba. Other small beaches worth visiting are Cala and Caletta, accessible only from the sea. Evening life on Elba Island is always full of entertainment and food and wine delicacies, and Marciana Marina is no exception.

View of the emerald waters and colorful cottages of Marciana Marina on Elba Island, Tuscan Archipelago
Marciana Marina

Day 4: Elba Island (Marina di Campo)

The morning sets course for Marina di Campo, Elba’s most renowned tourist resort, an ideal destination for those seeking a vacation filled with natural beauty, history and culture. The town sits on the Gulf of Marina di Campo, and its historic center has developed around what was once a small port for fishermen.

With a recent history dating back to the period between 1600 and 1700, when the formation of the town began due to the cessation of pirate raids, Marina di Campo is now a popular tourist destination. The town was largely built following the advent and development of tourism after the 1960s. Its beauty is especially appreciated during the evening hours, when the Promenade that leads from Via degli Etruschi to the center of the town runs along the beautiful beach. Here, you can go shopping, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants and enjoy the evening social life, thanks to the many clubs in the historic center where you can relax while sipping a good cocktail.

Panoramic view from above Marina di Campo on Elba Island, Tuscan Archipelago
Marina di Campo

Day 5: Giglio Island

Next destination: Giglio Island, vibrant and colorful with crystal clear sea and dreamy beaches. The transparency of the water in the harbor will immediately give you a glimpse of the beauty of the sea surrounding the island, while the ancient watchtower, colorful stores, and sea-view venues will welcome you to this paradise.

The Castle, perched on the top of the island, is worth a visit: a typical medieval structure with gates, walls and watchtowers that offer a splendid view of the sea. During the winter season, the castle is charming and quiet, but in summer it becomes cheerful and festive thanks to the tourists who enliven the surrounding streets. The beaches of Giglio are all worth a visit. Of these, the largest are Campese, Cannelle, Caldane and Arenella.

The life of Giglio Campese revolves around its beach, with all the structures and housing behind the shoreline. After a day at the beach, Giglio Porto is the perfect destination to spend a quiet evening with friends or family.

Panoramic view of Cala Lazzaretto on Giglio Island, Tuscan Archipelago
Lazaretto Cove

Day 6: Elba Island (Porto Azzurro)

Today set course for Porto Azzurro, a renowned Tuscan seaside destination and one of the ports on Elba Island where the sea and waves are the predominant element. Barbarossa, one of Porto Azzurro’s most famous beaches, is always busy during the day and enchantingly romantic at night. It is one of the five most beautiful beaches in Porto Azzurro that you absolutely cannot miss. If you are looking for relaxation by the sea, we recommend visiting Spiaggia Reale, Pianotta, Terranera and la Rossa. Nightlife in Porto Azzurro offers a wide range of summer events, from food events to outdoor movies, guaranteeing entertainment for all tastes. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this charming tourist resort. We are sure you will not regret it!

View of the inlet of Porto Azzurro on the island of Elba, Tuscan Archipelago
Porto Azzurro

Day 7: Elba Island (Cavo) & Return to Base

Starting from Porto Azzurro, you will reach Cavo, one of the most famous ports on Elba Island and a popular tourist resort. This small town offers many tourist services, such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other businesses. Among the most interesting attractions to visit in Cavo is the wide beach located in front of the town and the wilder Frugoso Beach within walking distance north of the town center.

Sailing back to port is scheduled for the afternoon by 5 p.m., when you will return to Cala de’ Medici Marina. You can enjoy your last night aboard your boat before disembarking Saturday morning by 08:00 am.

Panoramic view from land of Frugoso Beach on Elba Island, Tuscan Archipelago
Frugoso Beach