The new license finally allows US holders to sail among the beauties of Mediterranean Sea

Dreaming about sailing along the “Bel Paese” shores and most attractive islands? No longer a problem, if you are a NauticEd SLC holder: the american license is finally recognized and valid in Europe, giving us the opportunity to welcome competent US sailors along our unmissable itineraries. All the useful info and requirements to earn your SLC License may now be found on NauticEd website Longtime partner with NauticED, Spartivento is glad to join the international sailing agreement and welcome SLC holders onboard the biggest and most modern fleet for yacht charter holidays in Italy.

Making the history of yacht charter in Italy

With more than 60 sailboats and catamarans available, including the latest models from Beneteau, Jeanneau and Lagoon, Spartivento has a long time experience and history in Mediterranean sailing. Founded in 2000, it was among the pioneer companies for yacht charter in Sicily and Aeolian Islands, starting a tradition of quality, know-how and love for the Italian sea and beauties. This values led the company to become, in short time, the referring point for national and international sailors willing to explore the Mediterranean Sea main attractions living an exciting, unforgettable and guaranteed Italian experience.

Always aiming at representing Italian first class sailing choice, Spartivento proposal in empowered and inspired to the highest customer care and quality of service, that mirrors in the wide and steadily updated fleet, with top quality boats charter optimized and new arrivals every season coming from the European top shipyards: Oceanis 51.1 , Oceanis 46.1, Sun Odissey 490 and Lagoon 40 and 42 are just some of the available new choices for Season 2019. To discover all the boats in fleet, just visit Spartivento’s website.

Bases and itineraries for yacht charter with Spartivento

Beautiful Sicily is just the gateway to enter one of the most attractive sailing areas in the world: nowadays Spartivento offers connection from 4 Marinas in Italy and one in the Caribbean Sea. You dream to delight yourself sailing in the Unesco Heritage of Aeolian Islands or among the coastal beauties like Catania, Palermo and Siracusa? Or you wish to admire the timeless Amalfi Coast, with Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and the enchanting Ponza Islands? Spartivento’s fleet is there and ready to set sail, covering the best itineraries in the Mediterranean Sea from the Gulf of Naples down to Malta.

Spartivento selected a range of marinas among the most exclusive and best connected to the main airports, in order to offer easy and quick connections to their docks: Portorosa and Capo d’Orlando are the ideal bases to explore northern Sicily and Aeolian Islands and they are not far from Catania and Palermo international airports; Trapani, on the western side of Sicily and close to Palermo airport, looks out to the beautiful and untainted Egadi Islands, a natural paradise still to be discovered by mass tourism. Same for Amalfi Coast: Salerno harbor is few miles away from the main attraction of the coast, and not far from Naples international airport. To have a better knowledge of the most important venues to visit during a cruise with Spartivento, check NauticEd blog’s article about sailing in Italy.

Ten reasons why yacht charter in Italy with Spartivento is Easier

Read carefully to know everything you need before booking your holiday with Spartivento Charter. For any doubt, you can address your question to

Sailing License: which ones are accepted in Italy.

In general, Italy requires official documentation of a license. If you have a government recognized sailing license in your home country, the Italian port authorities will accept your license. Licenses accepted include:

  • The ICC (International Certificate of Competence)
  • The RYA Day Skipper obtained through the Royal Yachting Association
  • The NauticEd SLC (Sailing License and Certification)


We are located in main harbors in South Italy, here are Google Maps links showing the right position of our bases:

Portorosa “Marina di Portorosa” – connected to Catania and Palermo international airports. Google Maps link

Capo d’Orlando “Marina di Capo d’Orlando” – connected to Catania international airport.   Google Maps link

Salerno “Marina d’Arechi” – connected to Naples international airport.  Google Maps link

The simplest way to get to our bases is a taxi or a transfer from the airport to our docks. We can arrange for an English speaking driver to be waiting for you at the airport if you like. The drive is approximatively two hours from the airports to the bases, and the cost for a car is approximately 280 euros for 8 people. If you have a larger party arriving, we can arrange a van on your behalf.

In case you wish to book a private transfer, is recommended to communicate it with large anticipation to our booking office. You can also reach our bases picking a bus from the airports to the main cities and then using a transfer or taxi to our docks. Schedules may change depending on season, but Spartivento’s booking office is at your disposal anytime to suggest the most comfortable combinations to reach the marinas.


If you are arriving by plane late at night, there are close by hotels and we can easily pick you up in the morning when you are ready. Here are some recommended hotels in the airport area:

CATANIA HOTELS: Catania International Airport HotelVia S. Giuseppe Alla Rena, 94, 95121 Catania CT as a middle-high range hotel close to the airport OR Palace Catania, Via Etnea, 218, 95131 Catania CT, as a middle-high range hotel in the city center OR Urban Pop 2, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 53, 95121 Catania CT as economy range b’n’b in the city center.

PALERMO HOTELS: Magaggiari Hotel Resort, Via Impastato Peppino, 7, 90045 Cinisi PA as a middle-high range hotel close tho the airport OR Massimo Plaza Hotel, Via Maqueda, 437, 90133 Palermo PA, as a middle-high range hotel close to the center OR Opera Buffa B’n’B, Via Volturno, 42, 90138 Palermo PA as economy range b’n’b in the city center.

SALERNO HOTELS: Hotel Blanc, Via S. Salvatore, 20, 80026 Casoria NA, as a middle-high range hotel close to Napoli airport OR Novotel Hotel, Via Generale Clark, 49, 84131 Salerno SA as a middle-high range hotel close to the Marina d’Arechi. 


Making a reservation is easy, Just go to our contact page. Feel free to call us and just start speaking English when we answer. The country code for Italy is +39 and our phone number is 697628732. On a mobile phone, press and hold the zero key and the 0 turns to a +.

Paying for your reservation is simple and done via international wire transfer. We give you all those instructions with easy to understand bank codes once you make a reservation. Upon booking, 50% of the total invoice is due; the remaining 50% is due 30 days in advance of your charter. The contract and other documents we provide will all be in English. At the time of your inquiry, we will consult with you about the sailing license requirements for our waters. These are easy met by most experienced sailors.


Whenever you call us or email us, don’t worry, we are fluent in English. Just start speaking English when we answer. The documentation on board our boats are in English and our dock manager who checks you into your boat speaks English. If you ever need assistance while on your boating journey we are easily able to understand your requests.


Italy uses Euros. You can get euros at any ATM machine using your normal ATM card and the machine accepts 4 and 5 digit pin codes. Most restaurants accept foreign credit cards but it is always good to have some Euros on hand for the markets etc. When you land at the airport, there is an ATM machine there and it is always a good idea to start with a few hundred Euros. The exchange rate can be seen here, but usually hovers around $US1000 = Eur800 There is an ATM machine close or inside our bases that provides Euros. It is important to tell your credit card company that you will be traveling to this country. Just dial the number of the back of your card a few days before you come. At the base you will need to pay us in cash for the mandatory extras. This amount will be in your extras quotation sent by our booking office. Please make sure you have that cash on hand to prevent delays in leaving the dock.


The sailing navigation area is not challenging. You are always in sight of land and navigation to your destinations is simple without complicated reefs. GPS charts are up to date and accurate. We provide the latest technology GPS chart plotter on board all our boats as well as charts and pilot books in English describing the locations of marinas and any special things you should know.Prior to leaving we will give you a full briefing in English of the area and recommend our favorite spots. We’ll discuss any hazards (of which there are few) and special things you should know about the area. Should you have any questions, we are just a phone call away. Most marinas are very inexpensive to dock or moor, prices anyway depend on the season and boat dimension. After your booking, our staff will provide you with maps and itineraries for one or two weeks.


Chartering in Sicily, Aeolian Island, Egadi Islands, Amalfi Coast and Ponza Islands is safe and fun, thanks to good winds and many buoys, bays and natural anchorages around. Our staff will provide all the useful information about navigation area during the briefing.


All our yachts are insured so that you can rest easy. The insurance deductible or security deposit is the maximum out-of-pocket expense you will incur should an accident occur. The amount depends on the yacht size. Depending on size and type (monohull/catamaran/economy boats) the deductible amounts are: 2000 euros, 3500 euros or 4000 euros. You also have the choice to lessen the insurance deductible.When you arrive we will authorize your credit card for the deductible amount. We don’t charge it, we just authorize it. When you bring the boat back without damage, we automatically remove the authorization. Should there be an accident, your card will be charged only up to a maximum of the deductible and no more. If the damage is less than the deductible and is a small damage, you can pay cash; in case of a damage that needs for a technical expertise, a detailed report will be sent together with the invoice and the residual from the deposit after the reparation is done.

Note that it is important to ensure your credit card company knows of your intent to travel to our country so that we can authorize your card for the deductible. Otherwise this causes delay at the base since your boat will not be able to leave the dock until the card is properly authorized.


There are several options for provisioning your yacht. If you choose a light provisioning, you will quickly discover there are many excellent restaurants in our navigation areas, as well as grocery stores allowing you to obtain any necessary food or goods along the way. In case you don’t want to miss a thing before your departure, we offer a transfer service from the marina to the markets if you want to directly make your course or, if you prefer, you can entrust our staff for bringing the course straight to you at the docks. For any other comfort service or information, don’t hesitate asking our staff, sending your enquiry at or via contact form on