A delegation of Italian charter companies will participate in the Shanghai showShangai (China) – The first to arrive better accommodates, is led by this popular proverb that a delegation of major Italian charter companies will participate in the Shanghai salon in China.43 ° Parallel, North Sardinia Sail and Spartivento, the companies that for the first time come together to offer their fleets to the Chinese public. An audience made up of tens of millions of people who are maturing an interest in sailing holidays, an interest that our entrepreneurs want to combine with the love of the Chinese for Italy.The three companies in question represent the most beautiful places of our peninsula (43 ° Parallelo and North Sardinia Sail la Toscana, the latter has a large fleet in Sardinia based in Cala dei Sardi, the Balearics and the Caribbean, and Sicily , where Spartivento has its base and fleet that can easily reach both the Aeolians and the Egadi, also Spartivento has a base in the Caribbean.) Until a few years ago it was believed that the Chinese people did not have the culture of sailing, or rather did not have that kind of culture that allowed him to appreciate the beauty of the sailboat and that he was more inclined to appreciate the boats engine, but data from recent years show that this is not true, sailing in China is growing fast.Every year new importers of European brands are born, charter companies, and new regattas are created. The sport of sailing is expanding so much that it has attracted the attention of the central government that in the last two years has returned several times to legislate on recreational navigation while continuing to free this from a series of limitations that were an objective impediment to the spread of this activity.To the question of why this delegation in China, the representatives of the three companies replied: “We think it’s the right time, in China there is not yet the charter boom, but the attention for this type of holiday is growing and we want be among the first to bring the Italian charter offer to Asia “, says Maria Grazia Zuliani of 43rd Parallel.To this is added the voice of Simone Morelli of the North Sardinia Sail that tells us: “According to market research published so far, the Italian seas are at the top of the list of places where the Chinese would go on a boat holiday. The Chinese, sailors and not, are in love with our country. “And continues Stefano Pizzi of Spartivento: “Surely in China there are some very beautiful places to visit by boat, but in Italy the Chinese tourist finds a communion of nature and history that makes the boat experience unique.”