What is boat garden: technical features and functions

Sailboat yard is a term derived from the English language quarter and denotes the area of the boat that lies between the transom and the stern. To be precise, it denotes each of the sides of the vessel and is referred to as the port and starboard gardens. The garden of the sailboat is the part that opposes the jaw, that is, the area of the hull that lies between the transom and the bow. In the following article, we will find out more details and trivia about this element part of your sailboat or boat you plan to charter for your upcoming summer vacation. In this regard, we would like to remind you how Spartivento Charter is a reference point in sailboat and catamaran chartering, thanks to its experience, professionalism and large fleet.

Why it is referred to as the “little garden” of the boat

The boat garden derives its name from a vegetable garden that was created on the stern wheel of ancient galleons, right next to the captain’s cabin. 

Pots were placed in this vegetable garden during long voyages on the open sea, and vegetables were grown that the commander himself and the ship’s officers fed on. 

When the vitamin properties contained in citrus fruits such as lemons were made known and, at the same time, the long shelf life of this food became known, growing it on board became a healthy habit that counteracted deficiencies and illnesses of the entire crew.


A tradition handed down to the present day

Even today, the function of this area is used to grow sprouts and plants on board: this is an economical and pleasant solution especially during long and hot journeys. In fact, cultivated seeds provide amino acids, trace elements, are a source of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals: and they are all within reach.

After gaining some experience, it will be possible to easily grow very nutritious seeds, alfalfa and soybeans on the small garden of a boat.

Alternatively, pots with ornamental plants and flowers capable of giving that touch of nature even when sailing on the open sea and adding style and elegance to the boat can be set up in this area. 

What is gait at the little garden of the sailboat

In addition to the place referred to as the “boat garden,” there is also swathing at the boat garden. But what does it mean?

As all experts will know, sailboats can have a different gait: Windward gait, Crossing gait, Slack gait, Grand Slack, etc. 

Among the many types is also a gait defined precisely as a garden gait and takes place when the boat gets the wind from the stern, slightly shifted to the right or left. 

It means that while the so-called grand slack gait, for example, is around 150° with respect to the true wind direction, here the boat is more leaning, receiving a gardening gait with the wind at the stern creating an angle between 160 and 180°. 

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