The holiday in the flotilla is a totally different experience that will provide the opportunity, to those who are passionate to learn the basics of surfing to sailing, to have fun and meet new people and visit every day unforgettable places.

In fact, to make our offer more diversified and comprehensive, Spartivento Charter has also dedicated itself to the organization of perfect flotilla cruises so as to make every experience at sea always unique and fun.

What is a flotilla cruise

This term was once referred to a formation of small warships. Today, fortunately, the term flotilla also took on another meaning.

The flotillas are groups of small boats that sail all together, visiting different places every day depending on the chosen itineraries and docking every evening in a cove or in a small port.

Why do flotilla cruises

First of all , taking flotilla cruises means embarking on a type of vacation that offers a variety of entertainment .

Those who are passionate about sailing have the opportunity to learn the basics of navigation thanks to the skippers who are always ready to provide explanations and involve the entire crew.

Who , however , not is an avid sailing and prefer to just relax on board, can do so thanks to the presence of experienced sailors that make safe and enjoyable journey.

Fun is also guaranteed for lovers of parties on board, or, in the splendid beaches where we stop in the evening.

Furthermore, the presence of other boats following the same route represents another opportunity for alternative fun. Often, in fact, it results in friendly speed races that end in a nice club on the beach to toast the winners.

But fun is not the only reason why sailing in these small fleets is increasingly sought after and appreciated.


Safety on board

Being alone at sea may not always be pleasant for everyone . Being accompanied , on the other hand , by other “friendly boats” provides a greater sense of security because , in case of need, in addition to the crew of your own boat, you will have the support of that of the others.

In any case , the crew is highly trained and specialized for this type of cruise.

The itineraries are the same for the entire fleet , they are studied and tested previously and the routes are always followed according to the weather conditions .

The high-level staff made up of skippers and headed by the head of the fleet follows the routes always respecting the safety of all passengers.

On board, passengers will also be trained in the mandatory safety measures, so that they can be active and autonomous from the start.


In conclusion, we can say that the flotilla cruise is a real opportunity to have fun with your friends on board the same boat , or , a nice opportunity to meet new people with the same passion, forging relationships with the passengers of other boats.

In short, whether you travel in company or individually, a holiday in these small fleets is certainly a unique and exciting experience to live.

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