Sailing through blue seas, with the sky above your heads and the wind blowing on your face, is a dream of many people and a reality for many boat enthusiasts. And if your desire is to spend your next summer holidays sailing the beautiful Italian seas, away from Covid 19 and the worries it generates on a daily basis, Lagoon catamarans are an excellent choice for any trip in Italian waters.

A perfect and ideal solution that respects the distancing regulations and grants a peaceful, quiet and “isolated” holiday. To better prepare you for these dream holidays, Spartivento Charter, leader in the catamaran and sailboat rental sector, has in its fleet many Lagoon catamarans to travel with!

And if you are interested in knowing the best models of Lagoon catamarans, read the guide below: we will show you all the advantages and features of the major models.

Holidays in complete freedom and comfort with Lagoon catamarans

In itself, the catamaran is a type of boat that offers numerous advantages in a holiday at sea: practical driving and comfort on board allow you to make the most of every trip.

Lagoon is a brand that has always distinguished itself for: quality, elegance, style Each model of catamaran built and put on the sea guarantees excellent driving and offers a truly enjoyable and unforgettable holiday.


Di seguito, ecco una lista di alcuni modelli prodotti.

Lagoon 380 S2

The Lagoon 380 S2 catamaran is undoubtedly a perfect model for your cruises.

Equipped with 2 bathrooms, 4 double cabins for a total of 8 beds and 2 crews in just 38 feet, this catamaran always guarantees a high degree of comfort. Manoeuvrable during maneuvers, this boat is certainly suitable for small groups and young passengers.

Lagoon 40The Lagoon 40 catamaran has merged two models: the Lagoon 39 and the 400 S2, giving life to a new model with modern lines. bathroom per cabin (for a total of 4 bathrooms), 4 double cabins for a total of 10 beds and 2 crew.Lagoon 400 S2 Classic model revisited in its finishes to give it an identity more in line with modern times. This catamaran boasts 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms, for a total of 8 beds, and 2 crew.

The presence of a personal bathroom with shower, in each cabin, makes this vehicle extremely comfortable, guaranteeing space and privacy even in the presence of children groups of friends.

Lagoon 42

The Lagoon 42 catamaran represents a model with a record in sales: its modern design has inspired several catamaran manufacturers around the world.

It has 4 double cabins and 2 crew, for a total of 10 beds, 4 bathrooms and 1 crew. Among the many advantages offered, the large spaces in the cabins and in the daytime areas stand out.

Lagoon 77

The Lagoon 77 catamaran represents, among all models, the top of the range both in terms of interior furnishings and design, and in terms of performance. 3/5 double cabins and 2 crew; 12 berths and 2 crew, 3/5 bathrooms and 2 crew make this catamaran the dream of every vacationer.

The finishes are excellent, the design is studied in detail and there are prestigious details such as, for example, the master cabin that has direct access to the sea.

Choosing a Lagoon catamaran for your next holidays at sea will be the guarantee of a dream holiday where you can experience a perfect mix of freedom, relaxation and fun.