Choose the right partner

Once you have decided to buy a boat with the system of “Management Programs” you will need to establish which company to do it with. Small charter companies, in general, do not have the structure to offer a truly convenient management program. The companies to turn to are medium and large and, as in all things, even here there are advantages and disadvantages.

Medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies have some features in common with large ones, such as the organization and standardization of maintenance protocols. This means that all boats are serviced in the same way and according to the same standards. With medium-sized companies, the relationship is more direct and more elastic than that which can be established with large companies. Here we deal directly with the administrator and refer to him when we have a problem. With smaller dimensions and a more direct relationship, there are a series of small advantages that together make the difference. Unfortunately these are discovered only after making the choice. The typical contraindication of the medium-sized company is the limitation in choosing the bases to keep your boat. One of the pillars of the Management Programs is that the boat must stay at a company base, so if the latter has many bases, there will be a wide choice of places to keep the boat, if the company has only one base, the choice it will necessarily be limited.

Large companiesThe large company can offer important additional services, such as having boats alternative to its own in other bases in the world, which will allow, for a season, to give up using its own boat to use another that the company charter owns in another base. For example, if you keep the boat on the Elbe and one year you decide you want to go to Croatia, you can give two weeks of using your boat to get as many on a similar boat in Croatia, where the charter company has another base.

When it’s worth it

Buying a boat with a Management Program can be a good investment, but to really do it, you have to interpret this opportunity well.SpartiventoThe offer of Spartivento Charter is elastic, this is well suited to the needs of the shipowner modeling for him the optimal solution to bring together the interests of both parties. The maximum discount provided by Spartivento on the purchase of the boat is 60%. As in the other cases we have seen, the shipowner buys the boat with a lease and the Spartivento recognizes a monthly fee guaranteed by an insurance policy, in this way the shipowner does not have to worry that at a certain point this will no longer be paid .The duration of the contract coincides with that of the lease. The time for which the owner has the sling at his disposal is variable and adapts to the needs of the owner himself. He may also choose not to use his boat, but to use another boat on a different base. The bases of Spartivento are in Portorosa, in Sicily, a few miles from the Aeolian Islands, in Tropea, Trapani, Salerno and the Caribbean.An interesting service is the web newspaper of the boat. A site where the owner can follow all the maintenance that is done to the boat, which will be at the expense of the Spartivento, as well as mooring and insurance.