Anyone who owns a boat, or anyone who works in the nautical sector, knows how important it is to carry out periodic maintenance. Maintenance should usually be done every six months, but this depends a lot on how long a boat is used and whether it is exposed to the elements for a long time. Maintenance must be related to both the mechanical parts and the external parts, to take care of their aesthetics. In this article, we will focus on polishing the boat and, therefore, on how to make a perfect polishing of the fiberglass boat. We at Spartivento Charter, experts and leaders in the management of sailboat and catamaran rental, know perfectly well how essential this operation is to always keep every boat perfect in its charm and style.

Polishing the fiberglass of a boat

When the surfaces of your boat become dull or discolored it’s time to polish them!

Fiberglass is a light and resistant material and, if treated with the right maintenance, it has a very long life, especially for small boats.

Polishing fiberglass is an operation that does not take long. Generally, the timing varies according to:

  • the greatness
  • the conditions of the boat
  • how long has no maintenance been carried out

In some cases, it may be necessary to simply “revive” the fiberglass: this can occur when, for example, maintenance has been carried out recently, or, exposure to the elements has slightly opacified the surface only in some places.
Let’s see, therefore, how to behave in all circumstances.

How to polish the fiberglass of a boat

Before proceeding with the polishing of a fiberglass boat a good general cleaning is necessary. Clearly the boat must be positioned out of the water, on a special trolley. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • wetting all surfaces c on a garden hose
  • with a sponge , rub to remove dirt and all traces of algae ( sandpaper can be used for more resistant encrustations )
  • proceed by eliminating the old layer of wax using a solvent
  • when the latter has completely evaporated, the surface can be washed with a sponge and a suitable detergent
  • r rinse and dry all surfaces
  • p er polish fiberglass, if the boat has deficiencies, scratches and stains, then you can use an abrasive paste . If , on the other hand , you only need to revive the fiberglass then a polish is sufficient
  • It is good to work on surfaces of approximately 60cm at a time, starting from the stern and continuing towards the bow

More tips on how to polish the perfect fiberglass boat

Polishing a large boat can take longer and consequently also more effort.

For this reason, if necessary, you can also use a polisher , taking care, however, to use it at low speed.

If , on the other hand , the boat is small , or in any case you prefer to continue by hand , you can apply the product directly on a soft cloth.

Finally, in order to obtain a perfect polishing of the fiberglass , after the abrasive paste it is necessary to pass a coat of polish and, after having washed carefully a second time, to pass a layer of final wax .

In this way, you will benefit from a boat that is always clean, perfect, and bright on every sailing occasion!