All sailing enthusiasts will already know this tool but, in order to clarify even for those in the first driving experiences, we will analyze in detail what a battery monitor on a sailing boat really is.

An indispensable tool on every sea trip, even for those who decide to rely on a sailboat rental for their next holidays!

Functionality of the battery monitor on a sailing boat

This term “battery monitor” indicates an object with multiple functions, capable of always providing an exact analysis of the current performance of the vessel. Usually, it is installed in a strategic point, that is, where you usually spend most of your time. This monitor, with a rather compact structure and, therefore, easily adaptable to boats of different sizes, offers the possibility of being constantly updated on the most relevant parameters, relating to:

  • energy delivered
  • actual consumption

This invention has profoundly revolutionized the world of sailing, greatly facilitating the tasks of those on board.


How to install a battery monitor on board your sailboat

The installation of this instrument can be carried out personally or by the intervention of an expert technician. In any case, it is good to specify that the entire process of installing and setting up the object is not a long or difficult process.

The only precaution is to measure the actual length of the cable which, from the chosen point, must reach the battery itself.

In the past, all the operations related to the calculation of energy consumption were carried out by hand, using proven but not very precise systems.

In order to drastically reduce the approximation level of the figures obtained with these calculations, therefore, a precise tool has been created, which can independently provide the data without the intervention of those on board the boat.

Characteristics of the monitor battery

This instrument is used in several fields: the practicality and immediate response from the electronic object, in fact, make this monitor battery one of the most popular solutions in this sector.