One week around the Pontine Islands

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The Pontine Islands are an enchanting destination: after a quick visit to the main attractions of the
Amalfi Coast, sailing to the Pontine Islands will reward visitors with the breath-taking beauty of an
archipelago on a human scale, easy to navigate and made unique by its unspoiled nature. Ponza,
the main island, is a maze of small houses with colorful roofs that winds along the quayside of the
historic port. Over 40 km of coastline full of beaches, bays and underwater quarries, a real pearl
for divers.

A few details

  1. WINDS: Crosswinds from West to South West (WSW)
  2. LIFESTYLE: Authentic, relaxing, genuine
  3. NOT TO BE MISSED: The crystal clear waters of Ponza, the nature of the island of Palmarola

Priceless beauties await you:


Day 1. Marina d'Arechi - Positano

13 NM

Start your journey with a couple of stops on the Amalfi Coast: the first route is on
POSITANO, one of the most famous places in the area. Enjoy a relaxing first evening strolling
through the alleys of this wonderful village and choose one of the many panoramic terraces for a good aperitif or, why not, even for dinner!


Day 2. Positano - Ischia

12 NM

Take advantage of the morning lights to enjoy the wonderful view of Positano from your
boat: countless colourful houses standing vertically in front of you, the perfect postcard of thecoast. After a refreshing swim, sail to ISCHIA and land in Marina di Sant'Angelo - this is without doubt the most evocative and fascinating area of the island. After a stroll through the narro streets of the village, don't miss a view of the Aragonese Castle, the island's most famous attraction along with the thermal waters. Dine in a small fish restaurant, it will be strictly fresh!

Day 3. Ischia - Ventotene

21 NM

If you feel like it, stop in Ischia for the morning and take a dip in Baia Sorgeto, with its
sulphurous hot water pools, or in Baia Pelara, Punta Dello Schiavo or Punta Imperatore for a
refreshing bath. After a quick lunch on board, head to VENTOTENE, where you'll arrive just in time for a last dip at sunset. You will enjoy the evening on board and sleep in the roadstead under the stars or go ashore and explore the village for dinner!


Day 4. Ventotene - Palmarola - Ponza

23 NM

Wake up early to enjoy all the natural wonders of the island of Ventotene: Cala Rossana,
Punta Eolo and Punta Mamma Bianca, Parata Grande, the rocks of Ventotene Lighthouse are the must-see places for snorkeling and diving directly from the white tuff cliffs. Keep on sailing: before lunch it's already time to leave for PONZA! You'll arrive in Chiaia di Luna in the early afternoon, where you'll be welcomed by more than 500 metres of sandy beach, a natural amphitheatre of white and yellow tuff cliffs overlooking the sea. Use your tender to explore the numerous coves, such as Grotta Maga Circe and Grotta Canto del Serpe. You can then go ashore for an aperitif or an excellent dinner in one of the many fine restaurants on the island.

Day 5. Ponza - Ventotene

21 NM

Continue to enjoy the wonderful waters of Ponza between Cala Inferno, Cala Gaetano,
Punta dell'Incenso and the nearby island of Palmarola: you can take it easy until the middle of the day, diving, snorkeling and a nice sea view lunch directly on board. In the middle of the day, it will be time to return to VENTOTENE, where you will spend another evening before returning to the coast.

ventotene ischia

Day 6. Ventotene - Capri

40 NM

Today is a day of great sailing! Hoist the sails and head towards CAPRI, the last stop on
your wonderful journey. It will take you between 6 and 7 hours, but no one will stop you along the way for a nice swim in the open sea! You could then arrive at your destination in the afternoon: enjoy the island in its quietest hours, when everyone will have returned ashore with the last hydrofoil, strolling through the wonderful boutiques of high fashion and handmade sandals, then sitting in the Piazzetta for an aperitif, and with a dinner to finish strictly with some Capri cake.


Day 7. Capri - Marina d'Arechi

18 NM 

The last postcard of your sailing trip will be the Faraglioni di Capri: a dip and photos in one
of the most famous corners of paradise in the Mediterranean are a must. You'll be able to enjoy the island's Dolce Vita all morning, but don't take too long: you'll have to be back by 5:00 p.m. to check out, so leave before lunch. Then take advantage of the evening to pack your luggage and dine in Salerno, you can sleep one last night at our moorings under the stars, and then leave the next morning!