One week around the Egadi Islands

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The archipelago of the Egadi Islands is an itinerary rich in attractions, yet still immune to the flow
of mass tourism, enclosed in the crystal clear waters of the local Marine Reserve, one of the
largest and most varied in the whole of Europe.

A few details

  1. WINDS: Thermal winds from North East (NE) at an average of 15 knots
  2. LIFESTYLE: Natural, Wide, Sporty
  3. NOT TO BE MISSED: le calette di Favignana, la Grotta del Cammello a Marettimo

Aeolian in a glance

isole egadi

Day 1. Trapani

The Egadi Islands are a true paradise on earth, a favourite destination for hikers and diving
enthusiasts thanks to the countless coves, caves and breath-taking landscapes that this small
archipelago has to offer. Your trip starts in TRAPANI: in the afternoon, after checking in at our
base, do not miss a tour of this small and characteristic Sicilian town. Many alleys await you for a pleasant afternoon walk and an excellent dinner of Trapani cuisine; you can stay overnight on board your boat and leave the moorings the next morning!

levanzo isole egadi

Day 2. Trapani - Favignana

10 NM

It starts with the most important of the Egadi Islands: navigation towards FAVIGNANA (10
miles). Do not miss the beautiful beach of Cala Rossa, surrounded by tuff quarries and crystal-clear water: the beach and its seabed are famous for diving lovers. Punta San Nicola, not far from the centre of Favignana, halfway towards Cala Rossa, houses the remains of a necropolis. Towards the west of the island you can admire the lighthouse of Punta Sottile, a place full of coves and interesting scenery for divers, a wonderful view not to be missed at sunset. After exploring the wonderful island by sea, do not miss a dinner with local fish in one of the many typical restaurants.

Day 3. Favignana

Explore Favignana from land: those interested in industrial archaeology should not miss a
visit to the former Florio factory, one of the largest tuna nets in the Mediterranean. Don't miss theCastle of Santa Caterina, 314 metres above sea level: it is the highest peak, from which you can enjoy a breath-taking view. From the sea, on the other hand, numerous caves and coves with a thousand shades of blue will give you suggestive swims: the Grotta Azzurra is the most famous but it is certainly not the only one not to be missed. An aperitif on land will conclude a day full of activities!


Day 4. Favignana-Marettimo

12 NM

Navigation towards MARETTIMO (12 miles), a small island rich in fauna and flora, the
wildest among the Egadi Islands: small beaches of fine sand alternating with cliffs on the sea; but also coves and castles, unspoilt nature and blue waters. Sailing around Marettimo means
discovering countless caves: Grotta del Cammello, Grotta del Presepe, Grotta del Toro, Grotta del Tuono, Grotta Perciata. Diving, swimming and snorkeling are waiting for you! After an intense day of aquatic activity, enjoy a dinner on board, under the stars.

Day 5. Marettimo - Levanzo

13 NM

Head to LEVANZO (13 miles): the smallest of the three islands, but unique. Even here,
diving enthusiasts will not be disappointed: Levanzo is famous for its limestone caves rich in fish and marine life. The numerous coves will leave you breathless. And if you can fish, why not improvise a fish spaghetti on board?


Day 6. Levanzo - San Vito Lo Capi

22 NM

Back to the coast, the beautiful SAN VITO LO CAPO (22 miles) awaits you. Don't miss a
stop at Pizzo Cofano and Caletta del Bue Marino, elected the most beautiful in Italy for several years! To see at once all the beauties of San Vito lo Capo, such as the famous beach of the town, Monte Monaco, the Lighthouse and even the extreme tip of the Gulf of Castellammare, just reach by car or even on foot the Piana dell’Egitarso, a beautiful natural panoramic terrace.

san vito lo capo

Day 7. San Vito Lo Capo - Zingaro Reserve -Trapani

28 NM 

Navigation towards the ZINGARO RESERVE (10 miles), 7 km of uncontaminated nature in
which to dive in search of the most famous coves or those less crowded, such as Cala del Varo, reachable only by sea. Back to the base of Trapani in the afternoon for check-out (18 miles), to conclude the discovery of this beautiful area of Sicily, you can also visit Erice, just 20 minutes from the port.