One week around the Amalfi Coast

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Not far from the lively and enchanting Naples, the extraordinary and renowned Amalfi Coast - with the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida and the famous coastal gems Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi- preserves intact that irresistible charm that has attracted visitors since the times of the Roman
Empire. A coastline over 50 kilometres long studded with historic villages, beaches, caves and panoramas
unique in the world and of such beauty that the entire area is included in the UNESCO World
Heritage Sites.

A few details

  1. WINDS: Wind from West-South-West(WSW)
  2. LIFESTYLE: Elegant, luxurious, festive
  3. NOT TO BE MISSED: I faraglioni di Capri, i colori di Positano, i limoni di Sorrento

Aeolian in a glance


Day 1. Marina d'Arechi - Amalfi

10 NM

Your first route, in the afternoon, is to AMALFI, where you will moor in the small harbour
located right in the centre of the village. You will begin your discovery of the Amalfi Coast right in the middle of the colourful alleys of Amalfi: you will be breathless at the sight of its majestic Cathedral. You can't miss a Delizia al Limone (Lemon Delight) for a snack in the famous pastry shop in the historical centre.

costiera amalfitana

Day 2. Amalfi - Capri

12 NM

With a simple bus from Amalfi square, enjoy an excursion to RAVELLO, the undisputed
lady of the Divine Coast. Stroll through this quiet village and admire the most beautiful views of the area. Head without delay to Villa Cimbrone, where you will enjoy the most spectacular and breathtaking view ever: Il Terrazzo dell’Infinito.

On the way back, set sail towards CAPRI: the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni are waiting for you. After a tour of the island and mooring at Marina Grande, don't forget to take a trip to Anacapri, up to Monte Solaro by chairlift, where you can admire the most beautiful view of the island. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy an aperitif in Capri's Piazzetta, and afterwards there will be plenty of dreamy restaurants and live music until late into the night.

Day 3. Capri - Ischia

17 NM

We set sail for ISCHIA: docking at the port of the small village of Sant'Angelo, the
landscape is the classic Mediterranean seaside village, with colourful houses, narrow alleys,
souvenir shops, ice-cream parlours, restaurants and bars with outdoor tables... The main
attraction of the island is its thermal waters, since it is located in the middle of a volcanic area, so why not visit a thermal swimming pool? Don't forget a romantic walk near the Aragonese castle: here you will find local restaurants for freshly caught fish, to accompany a bottle of Biancolella, the typical white wine of the island.


Day 4. Ischia - Procida

4 NM

Start your day with a nice dip in the Sorgeto bay: a real outdoor thermal park. Hot
chickens and minerals, sauna and therapeutic steam. Then, heading to nearby PROCIDA, the island so famous for the film by Massimo Troisi Il Postino. You can't miss spending your evening at Corricella, a typical postcard of the island: small, colourful houses, small restaurants and fishermen spinning their nets.

Day 5. Procida - Sorento

30 NM

We sail towards SORRENTO, land of colours, mermaids and city of gardens. If you love art
and history, you can take a comfortable train that will take you to the entrance of the excavations of Pompeii. Alternatively, Sorrento will conquer you with its many attractions and breath-taking views. For dinner, whether it's starred restaurants or characteristic trattorias, remember that i Sorrento cuisine is art: you might just need a plate of legendary Sorrento-style gnocchi to believe it.


Day 6. Sorento - Positano

15 NM

Circumnavigating Campanella, you will head towards POSITANO, one of the most famous
destinations of the Amalfi Coast. Along the way, you will pass in front of Bagni della Regina
Giovanna, Baia di Ieranto, a protected marine area, and Nerano: you could stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants on the beach! After crossing the small archipelago of Li Galli, you'll enjoy the incomparable view of Positano, with its endless steps and alleys perpendicular to the sea. Lose yourself in its colourful and lively alleys: you can dine in an exclusive restaurant with a view, or by starlight on your boat.


Day 7. Positano - Marina d'Arechi

18 NM 

The sailing back to the port will give you magnificent views and unforgettable shots. Stop
at the Furore Fjord for a dip in the sapphire blue water; for lunch, you could stop at Conca De
Marini, a tiny fishing village along the coast, and then enjoy the icy waters of the La Marmorata waterfall along the way. Returning to Marina D'Arechi in the afternoon, you will have one last evening's holiday to spend in SALERNO.