One week around the Aeolian Islands

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Where the Mediterranean fades between blue and green, in the north-eastern corner of Sicily, the
Aeolian Islands represent a small paradise on earth: each island is characterized by a unique and
unforgettable personality

A few details

  1. WINDS: Prevalentemente da Nord-Ovest (NW)
  2. LIFESTYLE: Chic, spontaneous, relaxing
  3. NOT TO BE MISSED: The craters of Stromboli, the alleys of Panarea, the belvedere of Salina

Aeolian in a glance

isole eolie

Day 1. Portorosa - Vulcano

15 NM

Once the moorings have been cast off you will set sail on VULCANO, the island of the god of fire, black of lava and yellow of sulphur, among the vapours of fumaroles and sulphurous mud with therapeutic properties. A few nautical miles from the coast of Sicily and recognizable from a long distance, this volcanic island marks the beginning of the Aeolian route and offers memorable views from the tops of its hiking trails. Nothing strikes newcomers like the view of Vulcano and its crater: already near the port, you will be amazed by the beauty of the place and the acrid smell of sulphur permeating the air.


Day 2. Vulcano - Lipari

6 NM

Many opportunities for the morning: at sea, on board, visiting the Grotta del Cavallo and
diving into the crystal clear waters of the Piscina di Venere, or on land, taking part in organized excursions to Vulcanello with its Valle dei Mostri or going up to the Gran Cratere la Fossa, or even going to the natural thermal zone. Later, navigation to the south-west area of LIPARI, near the Faraglioni, and then on land: a dynamic town that allows you to carry out countless activities, from shopping to excursions. Walking from Marina Lunga to Marina Corta, passing through the Fortified Citadel, means crossing centuries of history and culture. The town is also very lively in theevening: the mundane side of the island awaits you from aperitif to dinner, continuing between the live music of the outdoor nightclubs and the discos with very suggestive locations.

Day 3. Lipari - Panarea

9 NM

You can reach the bay of Cave di Pomice, surprising with its white mountain of pumice
that becomes a beach and white seabed, or organize dives with expert escorts or guided
excursions by land by bike, motorbike or taxi. You will then set sail on PANAREA: you will reach the wonderful Cala Junco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cove is set in the promontory of Punta Milazzese, on which there is the archaeological site of a prehistoric village. Panarea is the smallest and the oldest island, the island of VIPs and worldliness, the island without street lighting because all you need is the moonlight reflected on the white walls of the houses, elegant and exotic at the same time. At dusk, an aperitif on the terraces of the Hotel Raya is a must. You can decide whether to dine on board or on land, in one of the island & chic restaurants. After dinner, music will guide you from one terrace to another until late at night.


Day 4. Panarea-Stromboli

12 NM

Set sail immediately towards the constellation of reefs and islets of Panarea: among them,
Basiluzzo, Lisca Bianca and Bottaro, in whose vicinity underwater eruptive phenomena make the water boil. Alternatively, you can organize dives with expert escorts (a visit to the Lisca Bianca wreck is interesting), a yoga lesson or relaxing and therapeutic massage sessions, on board or on a terrace with a view. You will then sail on STROMBOLI: the island is white in the houses, black in the sand, intense in the colours of bougainvillea and volcano explosions. Stromboli represents the powerful force of the earth; it is one of the most active and monitored volcanoes in the world. Its inhabitants call it Iddu, Him, in Sicilian, a confidential exorcisation of danger. On the island, expert guides will lead you up to the craters to appreciate its spectacularity after sunset. At the basin of the Sciara del Fuoco, you can enjoy the explosive spectacle from the sea.

Day 5. Stromboli - Salina - Filicudi

30 NM

Route towards the North-West side of the island of SALINA, to anchor in the enchanting
bay of Pollara beach, made famous by the movie Il Postino It is a place of rare beauty, thanks to the sheer cliffs within which it is enclosed, the natural rock arch of Punta Perciato and the Balate, the ancient fishermen's shelters set in the rock. After a taste of Salina, we sail towards the north-east coast of the island of FILICUDI: primordial, quiet and informal. Its rugged and overwhelming cliffs end up in a sea of unimaginable crystalline colour that can offer fantastic dives with naturalistic and archaeological routes. Arrive at the belvedere to enjoy a sunset of indescribable beauty on the scenery of the Canna and its stacks, and then descend on the south-west side of the island, to the village of Pecorini, where you can't miss the appointment for an aperitif.


Day 6. Filicudi - Salina - Lipari

19 NM

When you wake up in front of the village of Pecorini, besides having the possibility to take
part in the local diving, you will move on to the rocky complex of Canna and Scoglio di
Montenassari which, with a visit to the Grotta del Bue Marino, complete Filicudi's unforgettable experience. You will then head back to SALINA: this time you will reach the west coast, in Santa Marina, the capital of the island. Salina is the greenest island, from the Fossa delle Felci(Fern Pit), at an altitude of 960mt, to the expanses o cultivations of precious grapes from which the sweet and velvety Malvasia is made; for thi reason, it is undoubtedly worth to be lived also on land, for example on a Vespa, for unmissable food and wine experiences among breathtaking views, such as tastings of fine wines and typical products in one of its famous local wineries.

salina isole eolie


20 NM 

An unmissable island ritual awaits you in the nearby town of Lingua. There, you must have
breakfast with granita and brioches, an unmissable Sicilian speciality. From here, begin your return journey towards the south-west coast of LIPARI, to reach the enchanted bay of Valle Muria beach,and a last dive before returning to the Marina di Capo d'Orlando or the Marina di Portorosa in the afternoon. Once you've arrived at the base, you can decide whether to continue relaxing and enjoy your boat moored in the port or stroll at sunset among the cozy bars of the marina or along the nearby beach. You can disembark the next morning.