COVID-19 emergency
Policy 2022

Cancellation conditions:

Spartivento can issue a voucher for the entire amount paid by client ONLY in the following cases:

  • Lockdown in Italy or traveler’s country on the date of the cruise
  • Quarantine of at least 7 days is imposed in travelers’ country, back from their vacations
  • Formal Travel Ban in the area where the boat charter starts or client's place of residence, on the dates of the cruise

Voucher’s validity: 12 months from the date of the original departure.

*  Please, note that this policy can be modified weekly. For updated conditions, please check always on our website or contact us directly at or by calling +39 06 40060490.

Voucher conditions:

Spartivento can issue a voucher for the entire amount paid by client ONLY in the following cases:

  • The voucher amount is applicable to any of our boats in Italy and for any charter dates (same duration or longer) within one year from the original charter dates;
  • The price of rescheduled booking must be the same or higher than the original contract;
  • No special offers are valid while using the voucher, just regular discounts (such as Early Booking or Long Period discount);
  • Voucher amount will be applied to rescheduled booking along with advance payment. It will be necessary to cover 50% and add the missing amount if the voucher does not cover it.

“Safe Navigation"package by Spartivento:

Protect your sailing holiday from unexpected events related to your health conditions (including COVID-19 but not only!), with this "Safe Navigation" package. The additional cost is + 4% on the value of the charter rate.

The "Safe Navigation" package includes the following services:
- 24-hour telephone assistance with a dedicated Spartivento number
- Sanitation kit for the entire stay on board (sanitizing spray, hand gel, alcohol, surgical masks and mask holder)
- SEACURITY RENT insurance* which includes the following guarantees, valid from the booking confirmation and for the entire duration of the holiday:
- Cruise cancellation for unintentional and unforeseeable reasons: you can cancel your cruise If you are forced to interrupt the cruise for health reasons, you can get the reimbursement of unused vacation days
- Assistance to the Traveler: a series of guarantees to protect the traveler during the vacation, which can be activated through the Assistance Operations Center, made available from the Insurance Company, which operates 24 hours a day; medical expenses (including for COVID-19 contagion); medical return of the insured and other guarantees, published in detail in the information set
- Medical expenses: with a maximum limit in Italy € 1,000.00 pp. - Abroad € 15,000.00
- Baggage insurance: with a maximum of € 500.00 in Italy and € 1,000.00 Abroad, including basic necessities, expenses for restoring documents and other guarantees available in detail in the information set
- Third party liability: with a limit of € 50,000
*Attention: before confirming this insurance, carefully read the information set, which contains limits, deductibles, and the information necessary in the event of a claim, which can be consulted on the home page of our website, in the "Insurance" section, or at this link.

Please note: the "Safe Navigation" package by Spartivento is never refundable and must be confirmed and paid at the same time as the date of confirmation of the contract and the Booking Confirmation. To make the Seacurity Rent policy operational, it is essential to communicate all the names of the participants together with the Booking Confirmation or at the latest within 7 days. In the case of communication of the names at a later time than that indicated, and in any case before the departure date, the insurance company will apply a gap period of 15 days (time period between the communication of the names and the actual insurance coverage).