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British Virgin islands, aka BVIs, are one of the most famous destinations for sailors worldwide, stretching the Caribbean. The beautiful destinations are covered in white sand beaches and perfectly turquoise waters. The amazing thing about sailing the BVIs is creating a custom itinerary due to its numerous islands available, some being major islands and some uninhabited. Discovering the islands by boat is the best way to fully take in the different sceneries and coasts and even find your own private beach.

Depending on your interests, you'll find the BVI to be a perfect place for all water sports and going diving is must. Discover shipwrecks and amazing underwater views and see if you're lucky enough to swim the signature turtles of the BVI's. For most people sailing the islands, the best way to get to know the area is to visit the small villages and find your own way, ensuring you'll be back soon enough for your next voyage.

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With some of the most beautiful islands in the world, you'll arrive to a lively atmosphere and a warm welcome from the locals. It is no doubt that over the past decade, the BVIs has become the best sailing destination worldwide. No matter what your level is, it is good for beginners to advanced sailors with an easy line of sight and manageable distances between the different islands. The ideal weather paired with the perfect scenery make this the perfect place for your sailing holidays.

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Tortola, our base in the BVI

Rent a Boat at Tortola

40° 38.740’ N – 14° 48.645’ E
The Nanny Cay Resort & Marina is located on one of the main islands of the archipelago, Tortola, between the capital Road Town and West End. It offers prestigious services, a shipyard, a hotel and will immediately catapult you into the Caribbean atmosphere of the BVIs !

Rent a Boat at Portorosa

Latitude 38° 07' 60'' N, 15 ° 06' 72'' E

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